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Discover Skilloot: Your Nutritional Ally for Esports

Welcome to the world of Skilloot, where the performance and well-being of esports players are at the heart of our mission.

Just like in traditional sports, esports requires optimal physical and mental preparation to reach peaks. Skilloot is here to meet these specific requirements by offering a range of nutritional products tailor-made for esports players, whether amateur or professional.

Why Skilloot?

Esport, a Demanding Discipline

Esports encompasses a multitude of competitive games, from sports games to MOBAs, FPS and RTS. In each of these disciplines, players mobilize their cognitive faculties, their physical skills, and their energy to excel. Skilloot recognizes these varied needs and offers a tailored solution to support gamer performance at all levels.

Nutrition, a Pillar of Performance

As in traditional sports, proper nutrition is essential to maximize performance in esports. Skilloot offers a range of supplement products carefully designed to meet the specific needs of players, whether it is to increase concentration, improve physical recovery, or strengthen visual and hearing faculties.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Skilloot is proud to be the first brand in the world to comply with the Afnor FR EN 17444 standard on doping. All our products are developed in compliance with the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA or WADA in English), thus guaranteeing the safety and integrity of players.

Discover MANA: Your Personalized Energy Drink

At the heart of our Skilloot range is MANA, a revolutionary energy drink designed to support the performance of esports players. With 21 carefully selected active ingredients, MANA offers increased energy, optimal concentration, improved vision, and joint regeneration, all in a formula that is easy to prepare and consume.

The Advantages of MANA:

  • Increased Energy : Thanks to a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and natural extracts, MANA provides lasting energy for optimal performance.
  • Maximum Concentration : Specially chosen ingredients help maintain concentration and mental clarity, even during the most intense moments of the game.
  • Improved Vision : MANA's formula protects against the harmful effects of blue light from screens, thus improving precision and visual clarity.
  • Joint Regeneration : The essential nutrients in MANA promote joint health, helping players stay agile and comfortable during long gaming sessions.

Join the Skilloot Revolution

Don't leave nutrition to chance. Choose Skilloot to reach your full potential in esports. Discover our product range today and start your journey to exceptional performance.