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Continue to exercise on vacation

Continue to exercise on vacation

That's it, the day of the big departure is approaching. The holidays are finally here! They often signal the end, at least for a while, of your sports routine. It must be said that between waking up late, going to bed early and having an aperitif, it is not easy to get on your bike, put on your running shoes or go to your favorite gym. Is it still possible to combine sport and vacation? With our tips, the answer is yes!

Doing sport during the holidays: the ideal way to be at your best!

Have you decided to make the most of your stay at the beach or in a comfortable hotel? Combining sport and vacation can help you. For what ? Nothing better than a running session, a trail, a quick trip to the weight room or the swimming pool at your resort to evacuate the toxins from the good meal the day before and the glass of wine or of mojito that accompanied it.

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In fact, doing sports is one of the most effective ways to fight a hangover and keep you in shape all summer long. It allows you to evacuate a good part of the calories that you add to your diet and makes you feel good. Plus, it can easily be fun, so don’t deprive yourself of it!

Doing sport on vacation: yes, but when you get out of bed!

Finding a time to practice your favorite activity is a challenge when you're on vacation. Are you the type to stay up late and sleep in? Never mind: as soon as you get up, put on your sneakers, drink a glass of water and make the effort to do some sport on vacation. It's the best time of day to run, swim or cycle. Let's be honest, it's easier to go for a session when you wake up than at the end of the day when you're dreaming of a good shower and a date with a glass of chilled rosé.

By moving in the morning, you benefit from all the benefits that sport can bring you. You release dopamine and have energy to spare for the rest of the day. A perfect introduction to a great stay!

Combine sport and vacation: discover new activities

Sometimes sport is not an easy task. This is why we tend to drop it when we leave the house. And yet, practicing a sporting activity during the holidays can be an excellent opportunity to discover fun activities that you are not used to doing.

Each destination has its own pleasures! Are you by the sea? Introduce yourself to the joys of kitesurfing, windsurfing or white water swimming. In the mountains, explore the trails by running or walking, take toboggan trails, and go canyoning down the rivers. Believe us, you will enjoy it!

A stay away from home is also an opportunity to combine sport and family. By choosing activities such as paddle, via ferrata or hiking, you are sure to be successful with both adults and children! You will discover the region you are visiting in a different way and admire its landscapes from other angles.

The secret of sports on vacation: go with several people

Getting motivated to exercise during the holidays can be difficult. How to do ? Do not practice alone. Whether it's with your other half, a friend, a girlfriend, your children, you will inevitably find someone ready to go with you two or three times a week.

With several people, it's easier and more fun. And let's be clear, it's the holidays! You're not going to do your workout like you would at home. Your body needs to recover, like your mind. Be cool and take advantage of this to introduce your whole family to the joys of your favorite activity.

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The watchword for a successful stay: get moving!

Vacations are, above all, about relaxing. Don't impose a hellish pace on yourself. It is entirely possible to practice a sporting activity while making the most of the benefits of your vacation spot.

How ? Get moving for at least an hour a day. Swim in the hotel swimming pool, walk on the paths that lead to the beach or in the pretty mountain corners where you have decided to settle down. In the evening, ignite the dance floor and move to your favorite music. It’s also sport!

There is no question of not doing sports during the holidays. Even if you change your pace and activity, it's good to keep moving. It's even the best way to reach the peak of relaxation!