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Tip n°4 Vary the pleasures

Your trip to a gym is in preparation and even more so when you tackle bodybuilding. From free weights to Olympic bars to guided machines, it's important to educate yourself properly before you start lifting dumbbells. Find our advice below before tackling cast iron and being able to vary the pleasures!

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  • Make it a habit

Going to the gym for the first time is a great start, but you won't see visible effects on your body if it doesn't become a habit. It seems difficult when you feel sore the day after your first workout and that's why it's important to stay motivated and visualize the end result. It seems that it takes 21 days to create a habit... All that remains is to count the sessions!

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  • Control your repetitions

Beginners often learn by observing. This is not a bad thing but if you copy someone who performs a bad movement you risk not getting the expected results or worse, getting injured! This happens when you don't completely master an exercise and try to lift too heavy. Choose a weight suited to your level and progress at your own pace.

  • Do multi-joint movements

Poly- ? Poly-articular, which means that involves several joints. Before trying to isolate your quadriceps (muscle at the front of the thigh) with a leg-extension machine, start with squats which will engage several muscle groups by soliciting various joints. Starting with this will boost your metabolism a lot more, you'll gain strength and burn more calories.

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  • Perfect posture

How your spine is positioned when you perform an exercise will have a direct impact on your physical abilities. For most exercises, engage your core by sucking in your navel, pull your chest out and brace your shoulder blades. Your spine and neck should always be in a neutral position.

A healthy spine is the backbone of a strong core. If you don't strengthen your transverse (the deep abdominals that support the organs), your spine won't have support. When you train, even a simple movement like the bicep curl, engage your abs!

  • Connect your muscles to your brain

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Leaving aside the nutrition part, going to the gym and performing all the exercises in your training plan will bring you 75% of the desired result. The remaining quarter will come from your desire during each exercise to think about which muscle(s) you need to contract and try to contract them as much as possible. The brain-muscle connection is essential to use the muscle fibers as much as possible.

  • Complete your reps

Many beginners think mainly of the concentric part (where the muscle contracts) of the movement and forget the eccentric phase (where the contracted muscle returns to the initial position while stretching). This return phase must absolutely be controlled and the weight must not be allowed to fall in an uncontrolled manner. You risk injury and you will not work your muscles in their entirety.

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Today's training:

  • Alternating side slits (20)
  • Burpees (1')
  • Board (30'')
  • Side board (30'' each side)

3 complete turns to complete

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