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Tip #1 Don’t compare yourself to others

We often want to start fitness as summer approaches or after the end of year holidays. We regret our past excesses and we want to lose everything right away and quickly have the body we dream of.

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Unfortunately it's not that easy and it's important to take your time if you want to achieve solid results that will last. Will you be able to lose these 4 kilos before summer? Several factors will come into play for this:

  • Genetic

Yes, when we talk about weight loss or muscle building, we are all different. Some will have a higher basal metabolism (editor's note: number of calories we burn at rest) than others, which means they will lose weight more quickly.

  • Motivation

Set a goal and stick to it! When you go to the gym, be focused and “in” with the workout. Forget sitting on the bike while watching TV or using the phone to see what's happening on social media.

  • Be rigorous and perseverant

Do you have your goal? Now set your schedule and don't miss your sessions, note how you feel after each one and notice the progress as you go.

  • Be reasonable

If your goal is to lose 20 kilos, it may be interesting to break it down into several stages. This will allow you to realize the positive effect of training while remaining motivated. Remember: you have to win several battles to win the war! Don't put pressure on yourself by trying to exercise every day for hours if you can't keep it up.

  • Relevance

In the choice of your activity and the choice of your exercises. If you want to work your glutes, there's no point doing the treadmill 3 times a week and hoping to see results. Choose your goal and then choose the activity that will correspond to that to achieve them.

Advice from our Stimium coach:

Cool Raoul, everyone has their own pace!”

You are not on a military camp so you have the right, even the duty, to listen to your body. Take more recovery , options or even reduce your training time. This will prevent you from seeing a few stars in broad daylight. »


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Today's workout:

  • Jump rope (80'')
  • Bodyweight squats (20)
  • Pullover with dumbbells (15)
  • Pumps (15)

3 complete turns to complete