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Why take sports nutrition?

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Why take sports nutrition?

Without special efforts, in “normal” condition, the body must already be “nourished” because it is simply impossible to be “self-sufficient”. We need (1) macronutrients, namely proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, which will provide the energy necessary every day for the proper functioning of the human body. In addition to macronutrients, we also need (2) micronutrients, including among other vitamins and minerals, which are also essential for the multiple chemical reactions of our body. Day by day, without special efforts, we must therefore respect a healthy diet which means having a balanced and harmonious intake of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids so that they cover the body's energy expenditure. By eating a varied and balanced diet, an external contribution may not necessarily be necessary. For example, consuming raw or cooked vegetables will provide micronutrients and fiber in significant quantities (fiber is very important because it promotes satiety by slowing the absorption of fats and carbohydrates into the blood). The key word, whether you are sporty or not, remains balance – one of the most telling examples can be illustrated with the carbohydrates which are necessary and provide energy for our cells, our muscles or even our brain. But consumed in excess, these carbohydrates will be transformed and stored in the form of fat. This is particularly why we recommend at Stimium taking Thermoshape , our fat burner, while considering that the latter will be all the more effective if it is taken as part of a diet with a reduction in fat. sugar consumption.

However, current lifestyles and certain food products that have become expensive can prevent regular intake, for example of EPA and DHA, contained mainly in fatty fish, which explains the current success of Omega 3 , a product with multiple benefits.

But practicing a sport will justify a certain departure from usual eating habits. For what ? Quite simply because our body will be called upon, our muscles of course, but not only that, the respiratory capacity will have to be upgraded, just like the cardiovascular functions , the joints , but also the mind . This means that you will have to prepare your body before sport, just as you will have to nourish it during training or competition, and of course, give it certain essential elements to recover correctly after efforts which can be extremely intense.

In preparation, that is to say during training periods, until the day before your competition, taking sports nutrition will be all the more important, the more "extraordinary" your effort is, that is- that is, it will come out of your daily routine. We don't do a 100km trail, a triathlon, a marathon every day, but also a boxing fight, MMA, judo... Is it possible to provide appropriate nutrition during the preparation period? Partly of course, notably through the consumption of fat-free proteins, notably by eating grilled fish or white meat. It is also customary to increase your carbohydrate level (concretely consume more sugars) the last week before the event to increase your reserves. The principle remains the same as for a slack period without sporting activity, respecting the rule of proportionality, namely that nutritional needs must be the corollary of projected energy expenditure. This concept is called homeostasis, the internal balance of each person. In other words, this means that there is no point in preparing for an Ironman if you end up doing the 10km of Toulouse for example!

To cover the energy expenditure, in preparation, during and after exercise, it is therefore necessary to take into account the basic metabolism of each individual. This metabolism is obviously very different, even more so with the type of sport practiced and the energy production pathway used (aerobic in particular in endurance sports, lactic anaerobic such as in middle distance, swimming or sports combat, and anaerobic alactic for short explosive sports, such as sprinting).

In preparation, a preparation product for repeated efforts, allowing you to increase the volume and quality of training, will be necessary. It is almost impossible to find ingredients in food equivalent to taking a PreWorkOut for example. This is also, for example, why many athletes (or not) consume Spirulina during preparation, because this plant is ultra complete (proteins and acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes including the Superoxide Dismutase or Beta-Carotene) and an equivalent intake through food would again be very complex). Consuming fat-free proteins like on Iso Hwy or completely vegan, like on VegPro , can also help athletes, compared to a classic diet.

During a race or competition, the athlete can always eat a banana, dried fruit or drink a drink that he has prepared himself. But the composition of a gum like Pro Nrj or Boost , with maltodextrin and other specifically selected ingredients, will simplify consumption, transport and taking. Likewise, for an energy drink, the calculations must be precise, an error in the carbohydrates provided in your drink, and you have a good chance of having severe abdominal pain. Basic hydration can be managed without external products, but for a more complete product, an exercise drink is an essential link in sports nutrition.

Finally, in recovery, the hydration part is again essential, no more Coke to recover. You have to be able to have the drink at the right dosage to provide the right nutrients in the right doses. This is why, for example, isotonic drinks are very relevant, and quite unique in their composition, including RGN3 Reload or RGN3 Clean Up . Unless you consume liters of watermelon, if you want to avoid muscle pain and post-competition cramps, citrulline-based products , like MC3 or MC3 Powder , can also help you, which is simply not the case. possible to find in the daily diet.

In conclusion, taking sports nutrition means complementing your physical and mental training, and putting all the chances on your side to perform better.

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