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Trail running, the future of running?

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Trail running, the future of running?

The organization of nature races is exploding all over the world, even if Europe is a pioneer, with a calendar now almost overloaded. This desire for wide open spaces has been even more reinforced by the health crisis, and responds to a real demand for escape from athletes. A trend which is expected to become even more pronounced in the future, with families fleeing large cities where possible, thanks to the emergence of teleworking.

Trail running, to simplify, is wide open spaces, nature, discovery while practicing physical activity in freedom, so in reality it is the complete opposite of what we have just experienced with the health crisis (confinement, confinement , legal constraints, etc.). We are lucky in France to have a lot of races (even if many were canceled in 2020 and 2021) to satisfy the approximately ten million people who practice running or athletics and for 2/3 years, we have found more new events in the natural environment than on the road. It should be noted that confinement mainly affected road races, with authorizations more difficult to obtain for the latter, and virtual races which had the merit of existing but which were a little canada dry competitions. The trail offers less crowding at the start, fewer problems of cohabitation with cars...and ultimately fewer administrative and security constraints. Running the 30th edition of the Paris marathon is great...but a trail in the Alps is even better.

But above all there are more trails, because…more and more fans, runners looking for new spaces and new challenges. Need to escape, need for nature, discovery of landscapes that we are not used to when running on the road, a different rhythm than a race or jogging on the road with our eyes less glued to our watch, or VMA sessions in a stadium, trail running can be likened to a race with a dual objective, discovering new places, and discovering yourself in the face of nature. We feel the effort more, we are not just looking for the time, the race is punctuated by the environment, the difference in altitude, the wind, the nature of the terrain... It is a quest for sensations, a return to oneself and a discovery. A state of mind can be less focused on competition, and more oriented on sharing, a quest for discovery rather than a search for performance.

In running, we are less of a “supporter” than in team sports. We will probably know a few marathon runners, but the real “stars” in running today are finally trail runners, like obviously Kilian Jornet for François D'Haene. These ultra trail runners are increasingly followed on social networks, obviously for their sporting exploits but also for the values ​​they convey, the sometimes incredible photos of their outings. And they are also the ones who push for the development of the discipline, very complementary to current inspirations on respect for the environment and the rise of responsible ecology.

Even if the discipline is still young, we are already seeing the emergence of new concepts in certain events, time trial starts to avoid peloton races, the presence of a GPS segment or, on the contrary, a "race" section. of orientation”. Most Regions today have certified routes, which allows the development of sports tourism, with marked and recognized nature trails, both for trail runners and for Nordic walking enthusiasts, or even simple walkers. We ultimately invent only a few things, the presence of the GR in France is part of history (the 1st GR was created in 1947!) and they have seen all types of practitioners (including smugglers, at one time !). Whatever the distance covered on these new trails, whatever the pace of the outing, nature is queen, and these trails and ultra trails generally offer some of the most beautiful sports photos, it is also a photographer's paradise.

So will trail running replace road racing? Probably not completely, but it is a safe bet that these nature races will continue to develop, to meet the needs of runners to surpass themselves in the face of and with nature, with course profiles ultimately more important than the results as as such. Knowing that we have climbed 5000 meters in incredible landscapes will matter more than the final arrival time. Almost every club organizes its race during the year now which offers the possibility of doing a trail every week if desired and registrations are generally there. As always, it will be appropriate to respect this nature, in the mountains as in the countryside, to respect the environment in which we live, to leave it as intact as possible. And as in any physical effort, it will be important to measure your abilities carefully, and not necessarily put yourself in danger, considering that trails can have much more spaced out refreshment points than on road races.

Trail runners who collaborate with Stimium generally recommend:

Stimium® PreWorkOut Max for treatments of at least 1 month before an event, particularly large ultra-trails, to improve resistance to exercise and strengthen muscles, generally taken 1 hour before each outing (more than 1 hour).

During sport, to hydrate, Stimium Boost Powder will often be used in small sips for a complete recharge of essential nutrients, and on longer outings, as an isotonic drink, Stimium® Rgn3 Reload or Stimium® Rgn3 Clean-Up . The product most used by runners or trail runners nevertheless remains the vegan Stimium® Boost and Stimium® Pro-Nrj gums, to restore energy during small bouts of slack and boost your performance. Remember that chewing is a key part of avoiding digestion issues on the nutrition products you will take on race day (more on this here ).

For recovery, after training, or during your trails if they last longer than 2 hours (which is very often the case!), many take Stimium® Mc3 powder to reduce muscle fatigue and better oxygenate your muscles thanks to its combo Citrulline + Maltodextrin + Citrulline Malate, as well as Stimium® Mc3 to reduce the risk of cramps.

If you feel a little difficulty in the cardio part, do not hesitate to take over 30 days Stimium GABA and/or Stimium OMG which can help you to progress in this aspect all the same could not be more important and take care of your heart ! For maintenance, the mineral multivitamin Ginseng Tribulus Stimium Vital LLR as a treatment (1 three-layer tablet per day in the morning) and possibly Stimium Bacopa to boost your concentration and bring your mind up to par with your physique.

Trail or road running, it's up to you to choose, in both cases, your body will thank you and your health will be strengthened!

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The organization of nature races is exploding all over the world, even if Europe is a pioneer, with a calendar now almost overloaded. This desire for wide open spaces has been even more reinforced by...

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