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Abs for summer

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

Abs for summer

We all dream of having beautiful abs for the summer, men and women alike. But for many of us, nature didn't give us these abs naturally, even when playing a sport. This means that we will have to work hard to achieve visible results, and to have muscles visible to us especially, and to others, a little!

The title is somewhat simplistic, why should we only need abs for summer only? Lose your stomach and have abs in the summer to show them off on the beaches, ok, but take care of your bodybuilding all year round, taking care of your body, developing certain muscles, your obliques for example, strengthening your knees, taking care your diet, this should not be reserved for one week in the year, but rather consider training as an annual overall maintenance with adapted nutrition, a diet as narrow as possible, that is to say with a defined number of calories, and the practice of exercises, such as core training, crunches regularly, at home, outdoors or in the gym.

There are no secrets or special tips, just common sense, a little rigor and a little training. The first thing to do naturally is to watch your diet if you want to build muscle. As far as possible, you will have to avoid prepared meals, and especially excess sugar and saturated fats – therefore no more or at least a significant reduction in the consumption of alcohol, cheeses, cold meats, sweets and cakes. , cold meats, bread and butter. And make way for vegetables, fish, white meats…

Once the nutrition point is fixed, we must move on to the training part which will go hand in hand with appropriate sports nutrition. For abs, you obviously need to densify your muscular structure, this involves in terms of nutrition by taking protein, either a classic whey , an isolated protein , or even a vegan protein . Then, you will need to supplement either with BCAAs , or with a PreWorkOut , or with Creatine for even faster muscle building.

The best abdominal strengthening exercises can also be done at home, it is not necessarily necessary to go to the fitness room to work the rectus abdominis, the external oblique muscle, the internal oblique muscle, the muscle transverse and the pyramidal (be careful, you must not forget the legs or arms!). There are many online pilates classes, for example, which can make you suffer but also bring you interesting results after the first 4 weeks of training. One of the best times, if not the best time to practice 30 to 45 minutes of abdominal strengthening, is in the morning, even before breakfast, that is to say on an empty stomach. Roll out your mat, throw your phone or tablet on one of the many pilates classes available, and get started, sometimes in simple sets of 30 to 45 seconds! If your family gets up at the same time as you, they will inevitably smile or laugh at first when they see you in a position on the ground which may be unusual, ask them to come join you, and very quickly, you will see them “cheating” and not doing all the exercises exactly as you should...because it pulls and it hurts!

At the same time as this specific training, to go even faster, it will always be possible to use Stimium Thermoshape, a highly effective fat burner, with Forskolin which allows fat to be released and facilitates the regulation of lipid metabolism, in order to make abdominal fat disappear and/or Stimium Hydro Off , the natural burner drainer, to combat excess pounds, knowing that these products are only really useful as part of a varied and controlled diet! )

If you want to show off your abs on the beach in July or August, you should ideally start from mid-April or early May, in order to progress regularly and build regular and lasting muscles, which you will not take back, as soon as autumn arrives!

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