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How to do cardio at home

Posted by Jean Baptiste on

How to do cardio at home

Essential, cardio comes at home!

Difficult to do strength training and cardio at the same time. It is even recommended not to mix them in a session, otherwise you will see the hard-earned muscle melt away. Both are essential to good training and a guarantee of performance, whatever activity you like to practice. Do we have to go to the gym twice a day? Once to do your strength training exercises and a few hours later, after recovering, to train your cardio? Let's be clear, this is simply unthinkable. What to do ? What if you considered toning your cardio at home? Know that in addition, you will not have to invest in a bike, unless you want to. Yes, cardio without a device is possible! We will explain how to do it below.

Little reminder: cardio is good for…

The term cardio refers to a particular workout called cardio-training . Its objective is to strengthen the heart by making it work. We use this training a lot during a cutting phase , that is to say at times when we want to lose as much of our body fat as possible, before a competition. However, it has other benefits and you have every interest in including it in your sports routine as recommended by the WHO :


HIIT and LISS: the essentials for cardio at home

You probably have the impression that doing cardio without a machine is impossible or that the results of such training will not be there. Think again ! You can perfectly perform cardio exercises at home , without any equipment and progress. Take up HIIT or LISS and let yourself be convinced!

HIIT (High IntensityInterval Training) is more intense than LISS (Low IntensitySteady State). It is indeed sustained work carried out at regular intervals. These sessions are never very extensive. They only last 15 to 20 minutes, but are more than enough to increase your metabolism . This is also why this training is very successful.

LISS , for its part, requires more time. The goal of this training is, in fact, to try to maintain a constant intensity throughout the duration of the effort. The more you train, the more you will have to accelerate to keep your MHR (Maximum Heart Rate) around 55 to 65% of its capacity.

Example of a cardio program for home

Do you want to try cardio at home, but lack ideas? We offer you a short workout to repeat two or three times a week. The principle of this program is very simple. You must do the 8 exercises without catching your breath, then take a 2-minute break before starting again 2 or 3 times. This program lasts between 10 and 15 minutes (so it's HIIT) and each exercise must be done for 30 seconds.

  • Exercise 1: practice knee raises, High Knees .
  • Exercise 2: dare the MountainClimbers .
  • Exercise 3: continue with the traditional Crunch .
  • Exercise 4: some Burpees !
  • Exercise 5: Push-ups on your knees or not, it depends on your shape.
  • Exercise 6: Plank .
  • Exercise 7: Let’s jump! Make way for Jumping Jack !
  • Exercise 8: a bit of Iceman .

We only give you these exercises for informational purposes only. Many others can be practiced such as Suicide Drills or Square . It's up to you to see which ones suit you best and vary them.

To transition to LISS, reduce speed, monitor your heart rate, and double exercise duration. Instead of a quarter of an hour, allow for half an hour of training. In this case, you can follow this program every day.

Doing cardio at home is doable, even without equipment. Don't forget to integrate this training into your health and competition routine. You will not regret it ! In fact, your performance will improve and your body will become firmer and more toned, especially if, at the same time, you monitor your diet.

How Stimium can help you with your cardio exercises at home:

- Stimium OMG , our Omega 3 Stimium doses at 1000mg, to improve cardiovascular health, good brain functioning (concentration, memory), muscle gain, reduction of the risk of obesity, burning fat, but also reduction joint discomfort, improvement of skin quality and protection of cells against oxidative stress thanks to vitamin E.

- before cardio exercises, hydrate and drink because you will have a good energy expenditure, we recommend Stimium Boost Powder for a complete recharge in the bottle with carbohydrates and vitamins during your sessions and after training, our Mix Stimium® Iso Carb , to replenish these glycogen and protein sources with its Protein isolate + glucose + fructose formula.

- and to motivate yourself and push your limits, Stimium Bacopa to make you more "focused" by acting on strengthening concentration, allowing you to manage stress, increasing motivation in order to intensify efforts and increasing speed processing information.

It's up to you, without transforming your living room into a fitness room, you will see that it is really possible to practice cardio exercises alone or in pairs at home!

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Essential, cardio comes at home! Difficult to do strength training and cardio at the same time. It is even recommended not to mix them in a session, otherwise you will see the hard-earned muscle melt...

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